Stanbic Bank Uganda

Our transactional accounts offer you an ideal range of products and services if you need to do banking transactions regularly.


Personal current account

Current accounts are card-based accounts that enable you to manage your money, making it accessible globally and giving you the means to move it

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Foreign currency current account

We offer foreign currency accounts in all major currencies for transaction, savings and investment purposes, subject to the usual exchange control regulations.

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This account gives you a way to deposit, transfer and withdraw money using various channels, including ATMs and Internet banking.

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Visa debit card

This is a plastic card linked to your account and is used to do transactions such as withdraw cash from an ATMand pay for goods at merchants who have a point-of-sale terminal. 

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Credit card

A credit card gives you instant access to pre-approved credit. In other words, it allows you to buy what you want now and pay for it over a period. This sort of card may be used at merchants who have a point-of-sale terminal, over the counter at a Stanbic Bank branch or at an ATM.

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