Stanbic Bank Uganda

Our range of personal loans is varied to ensure that we meet your borrowing needs.  From our Salary loan to the Revolving line of credit we have a solution just for you.


Business working capital loan

This provides your business with short-term working capital.

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Business revolving credit line

This solution is a medium-term, flexible, on-going facility that gives you access to credit as and when your business needs it.

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Property finance

At Stanbic Bank we provide financing solutions for you to buy, refinance or develop your own property.

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Tax loans

A Stanbic Bank tax loan makes it possible for you to use your trading goods as collateral to obtain a loan to pay taxes on the specified consignment.

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Customer care

General customer queries

Local Dialers 

Tel: 0800 150 150 or 0800 250 250 

International dialers 

Tel: +256 41 4340788 or +256 41 7154910