Global transactional banking

Stanbic Bank Uganda

Stanbic Bank's global transactional banking services are designed to meet the specific banking needs of corporates, institutions and multinationals to enable them to effectively manage cross-border transactions.

We provide a broad spectrum of services that include, among others, credit, foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives, commodities and fixed income.

Our strength in Africa currency trading enables us to capture more competitive forex flows and a seamlessly integrated business model offers clients valuable information flow in often "less than transparent" markets.

Africa Transactional Gateway (ATG) – Host to Host
ATG is an innovative system that allows our clients to make payments and collections in Africa to from anywhere in the world.

Electronic funds transfer

  • Our bank cheque payment service allows instructions to be sent electronically to pay a beneficiary by bank cheque.
  • Cash payment is a means of instructions to be sent electronically to pay a beneficiary in cash.
  • Electronic reconciliation of payments is facilitated by the automatic generation of audit reports and daily submission of statements

Benefits of electronic transfer

  • Cost efficiency
    - Very low transaction fee (UD$1 per transaction)
    - Low integration cost, accepts customer's existing file format and supports multiple formats such as Swift and Host-to-Host

  • Reconciliation
    - Provides daily statement on customer specific formats
    - Detailed statement reference including unpaid amounts

  • Flexibility
    - Integrate to any ERP system
    - Offers multiple connectivity platforms
    - Supports any format, even if not from an ERP system file such as normal CSV, PSV, etc.

  • Security
    - Automated transaction processing system
    - Secure and reliable connectivity platform

  • Dedicated single point of contact
    - Dedicated helpdesk
    - Dedicated account executive

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