Business revolving credit line

Stanbic Bank Uganda

This solution is a medium-term, flexible, on-going facility that gives you access to credit as and when your business needs it. The revolving credit line is based on your business’ capability and capacity to meet repayments.

Fixed repayments can be structured from 36 to 60 months. You may use the balance paid to extend the period of the loan without changing the amount of the repayments.

Minimum requirements for applying

  • You need to have a business transaction account with Stanbic Bank. You must be legally empowered to borrow.
  • There must be a valid reason why the business needs the loan.
  • Your business account must have been managed responsibly over the past six months.

Customer care

General customer queries

Local Dialers 

Tel: 0800 150 150 or 0800 250 250 

International dialers 

Tel: +256 41 4340788 or +256 41 7154910