Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF)

Vehicle and Asset finance is a unique solution that will help you solve all your vehicle and equipment financing requirements. It’s asset-based and will help you to purchase acceptable, identifiable, durable, moveable and insurable assets. Our dedicated and professional team will assist you to make the right decision for business or personal financing. We have numerous accredited vehicle and equipment suppliers with whom we have maintained good working relationships. By choosing to purchase your asset from any of these suppliers/dealers, you stand to enjoy many benefits that you would otherwise not receive when you deal with a non-accredited dealer. We finance moveable assets that are clearly identifiable, movable, durable and insurable e.g. • Vehicles - passenger and commercial • Plant and machinery - manufacturing, processing plants, etc. • Equipment - printing machines, factory plants, office equipment, professional equipment etc.

What does it offer me?

  • Alternative source of finance-utilize collateral for other borrowings or working capital
  • No or minimal collateral required-deposit and repay­ment period will be determined by the type and age of the asset.
  • Lower cost structure
  • Minimum capital outlay required
  • Matched maturity where terms = asset life
  • Flexibility and shorter processing time
  • Access to equipment and production assets
  • Increased flexibility and investment in equipment
  • Lower maintenance and upfront cost
  • Easy cash flow budgeting
  • Rentals can be tailored to meet the lessee’s cash flow pattern

What are our product offerings?

Vehicle loan:
If you need a vehicle for your private or professional use, we can help you make owning a vehicle less complicated. We now offer a simple vehicle specific product that is easy to manage, with more cost effective repayment terms.

Leasing is a contractual agreement that allows you (the lessee) to use an asset owned by a leasing company such as Stanbic Bank Uganda (the lessor) in exchange for specified periodic payments.

Insurance requirements:
All risk is for the client as user who has an obligation to insure the assets. The assets must be comprehensively insured for the period of the contract. Stanbic Bank interest must be noted in the policy, Stanbic Bank is prepared to finance Insurance premiums on an annual basis.

What do I need to apply?

For the Personal Vehicle and Asset Finance Account:
•    Appointment letter from employer
•    Duration of the employment contract
•    Proforma Invoice for the vehicle to be acquired
•    Employer recommendation letter
•    Asset not older than 10 years from date of manufacture
•    Financial card

For the Business Vehicle and Asset Finance Account:
•    Proforma Invoice of the asset
•    Registration details of the business
•    3 years audited financials
•    Brief background of the business
•    Financial card
•    Asset not older than 10 years from date of manufacture

You can contact our vehicle and asset finance team on Tel: 0312 224499/426/32 or Fax: 0312 224448.

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