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Stanbic Bank recognizes that it has different customers with different housing needs. The Bank also upholds its value of serving all customers. As a result, the Bank developed four different home loan products to cater for the diverse needs of its clientele.

What does it offer?

•    No Application Fees
•    Affordable – Interest Rates [UGX - 19%, USD - 13.5%)
•    Flexibility in early repayments- Allowed up to 3 times monthly to accelerate principle payments
•    Flexible USD financing with duration of up to 20 years.
•    Flexible minimum age of 21 Years & maximum age of 65 years
•    Mortgage protection cover (Life insurance) with flexible payments (Monthly)- Insurance covers loan in case of death &  permanent disability.
•    Home owners protection cover- property insured against fire, earth quakes etc with flexible monthly premiums
•    Strong brand with a history of over 150 years.
•    Fully dedicated Home loans team with the best skills in the market at your service.
•    Free debt service and rehabilitation available
•    Strategic external partners such as lawyers, Quantity surveyors, valuers with a great wealth of experience and value
•    Finance up to 80% for refinance, purchase & completion.
•    Equity release will be up to 70% of the market value
•    Monthly payments do not exceed 50% of your net earnings.
•    Finance up to Ugx 2,500,000,000 or USD equivalent.


What are our Product Offerings?

Ordinary purchase: Buying a home is a major decision for anyone. It is also one of the largest investments most of us are likely to make in our lives.

Equity release (Cash outs): A customer who owns a complete titled property and would like to get cash release from their property to invest in other legal activities qualifies for this product.

Refinance: In the event that a customer wishes to transfer their home loan to Stanbic in order to enjoy our competitive interest rates and flexible offering, this product would be the best option for them

Completion: As a bank, Stanbic acknowledges that there are customers who have started building their houses but need extra financing to finish the construction, such customers are availed the completion loan.


Who Qualifies?

  • Employed customers
  • Self-employed customers
  • Professional Ugandans living in the diaspora

What Do I Need To Apply?

•    2 Passport photos
•    Copy of identification (Passport, driving permit, Employment ID)
•    Proof of residency (Utility Bill, letter from LC)
•    Financial Card (CRB)  

•    Bank statements from the last 6 months for non-stanbic clients, and 3 months for stanbic clients.
•    Proof of employment i.e. letter from employer
•    Copy of contract/appointment letter.
•    Copies of 3 consecutive months pay slips starting with the most recent.
•    Proof of other income e.g. tenancy agreements
•    Loan statements  and copy of loan offer ( in case of a running loan)


•    Audited accounts for two years of your business.
•    Bank statements from the last one-year.
•    Registration certificate.
•    Company Form 7 (showing directors and secretary of the company).
•    Articles of association of the company, including company form 7.
•    Cash flow projections for 2 years, Tax receipts/certificates and Resolution to Borrow


•    Property Valuation report.
•    Copy of title of property.
•    Preliminary sales agreement( In case of Purchase)
•    Bills of Quantities (In case of completion)
•    Copy of Approved plans

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