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Stanbic Bank recognizes that it has different customers with different housing needs. The Bank also upholds its value of serving all customers. As a result, the Bank developed four different home loan products to cater for the diverse needs of our clientele.

What does it offer?

The Home Loan proposition is specific for individuals who are interesting in:

- Buying a house

- Completing house construction

- Equity release - you can use your property as collateral for cash 

- Refinance.


Key Features

- Age: 21 to 65 years

- Max Tenor: 20 years

- Minimum amount: UGX 33Million

- Max amount : UGX 2.5 Billion

- LTV: 90% of market value



Finance up to 80% for refinance, purchase & completion.

Equity release will be up to 70% of the market value 

Monthly payments do not exceed 50% of your net earnings


What are the benefits of this offer? 

- Access to adequate funding needed to acquire property in a timely manner.

- Provides an alternative source of funding for property acquisition other than accumulated savings that is normally challenging.

- Facilitates Home Ownership.

- It's a vehicle for earning alternative sources of income.

- Good debt. Caution of redeeming debt through property liquidation.

- Time value of money- Property in most cases appreciates in value while exposure reduces with time.

 - Mortgage protection cover (Life insurance) with flexible payments (Monthly)- Insurance covers loan in case of death &  permanent disability.

- Home owners protection cover- property insured against fire, earth quakes etc with flexible monthly premiums

- Strong brand with a history of over 150 years. 

- Fully dedicated Home loans team with the best skills in the market at your service.

- Free debt service and rehabilitation available

- Strategic external partners such as lawyers, Quantity surveyors, valuers with a great wealth of experience and value


Who qualifies?

Both salaried and non-salaried customers with a net income of UGX 3Million and above.


Rate and Pricing

Prime interest, 1.5% fees & 2% for building loan.



What are our Product Offerings?

Ordinary purchase: Buying a home is a major decision for anyone. It is also one of the largest investments most of us are likely to make in our lives.

Equity release (Cash outs): A customer who owns a complete titled property and would like to get cash release from their property to invest in other legal activities qualifies for this product.

Refinance: In the event that a customer wishes to transfer their home loan to Stanbic in order to enjoy our competitive interest rates and flexible offering, this product would be the best option for them

Completion: As a bank, Stanbic Bank acknowledges that there are customers who have started building their houses but need extra financing to finish the construction, such customers are availed the completion loan.


Who Qualifies?

  • Employed customers
  • Self-employed customers
  • Professional Ugandans living in the diaspora

What Do I Need To Apply?

•    2 Passport photos
•    Copy of identification (Passport, driving permit, Employment ID)
•    Proof of residency (Utility Bill, letter from LC)
•    Financial Card (CRB)  

•    Bank statements from the last 6 months for non-Stanbic clients, and 3 months for Stanbic clients.
•    Proof of employment i.e. letter from employer
•    Copy of contract/appointment letter.
•    Copies of 3 consecutive months pay slips starting with the most recent.
•    Proof of other income e.g. tenancy agreements
•    Loan statements and copy of loan offer ( in case of a running loan)


•    Audited accounts for two years of your business.
•    Bank statements from the last one-year.
•    Registration certificate.
•    Company Form 7 (showing directors and secretary of the company).
•    Articles of association of the company, including company form 7.
•    Cash flow projections for 2 years, Tax receipts/certificates and Resolution to Borrow


•    Property Valuation report.
•    Copy of title of property.
•    Preliminary sales agreement( In case of Purchase)
•    Bills of Quantities (In case of completion)
•    Copy of Approved plans

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