Interest Rate Trading & Structuring

Protecting your investments Interest rate derivatives and fixed income securities provide solutions for managing and protecting investments and borrowings against adverse interest rate fluctuations. Standard Bank's comprehensive range of interest rate products and services are structured to meet our client's specific risk management and investment requirements. We offer the following fixed income securities, structured notes and interest rate derivatives, with a primary focus on emerging markets:    • Government bonds    • Corporate bonds    • Structured notes providing interest rate, foreign exchange, credit and equity enhanced structures    • Vanilla and structured interest rate swaps    • Cross-currency interest rate swaps    • Options including caps, floors, collars, swap options and exotics    • Structured derivative products to meet our clients’ interest rate, currency, credit, equity and/or commodities risk needs

Why talk to us?

  • We provide interest rate risk management solutions to emerging market counterparties in G10 and local currencies, supported by our experience in emerging markets globally.
  • Our well-established presence and extensive local market operations in Africa contribute significantly to our emerging markets expertise, and provide access to various rates.
  • We are a leading market maker in Rand interest rate products in South Africa , trading more than a third of flows in the market.
  • Through our global research capabilities, we provide analysis and insight into local conditions that impact interest rates.
  • We take an integrated approach to managing financial markets risk, combining interest rate, currency, credit, equity and/or commodity risks to create customised solutions.
  • Our sales and structuring team develops innovative solutions tailored to our clients' specific appetite for risk, market view and tax obligations, in line with regional and international accounting, legal and regulatory frameworks.
  • We provide an ongoing client-centric service by monitoring and evaluating the appropriateness of existing trades resulting from changing market and regulatory conditions, and propose real enhancement solutions when opportunities arise.