Money Markets

Profitable cash management The money market provides an effective vehicle for assisting in cash flow management. Money market products comprise short and long-term deposits offering liquidity or yield enhancement, tailored to client's requirements. This is who we are:    • We aim to build a detailed understanding of our clients' immediate and strategic investment goals to ensure the most appropriate deposit or investment solution for your specific requirements.   • Our experienced specialists have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory frameworks in Africa as well as other emerging markets.    • Our money market solutions integrate seamlessly with other products and services such as foreign exchange or interest rate derivative products, to ensure optimal value for our clients.    • In South Africa, our money market function is responsible for the daily management of Standard Bank's liquidity position. The Standard Bank of South Africa is currently rated among the top two local deposit taking institutions.


Our money market team offers clients a comprehensive range of products for various investments termswith competitive money market rates, depending on their geographical location.

Our money market products:

  • Call accounts, that are interest-bearing accounts, allowing funds to be deposited and withdrawn on demand.
  • Term deposits, (at fixed or floating rates), providing a secure investment suited to investors who require a higher yielding rate of return for a specified investment period.
  • Certificates of deposit that are tradable, fixed deposits most frequently issued for terms of 3 – 12 months.
  • Call and term loans, (at fixed or floating rates) offered from overnight to 12 months.