Your ideal banking partnerOur award-winning Global Markets team offers client-driven trading activities focused on the continent. We provide a risk warehouse for managing and repackaging risk exposures in foreign exchange, interest rates, credit, equities and commodity markets, to deliver products and services that meet the investment and hedging needs of our clients. Our extensive emerging market knowledge and expertise support our client-focused treasury services and products, both standard and tailored. Our desks focus on all key aspects of financial markets, drawing on a large pool of specialists located in all major financial centres. With robust infrastructure and global connections, we deliver a 24-hour service to our clients across continents and time zones. We also combine proprietary technology and quantitative applications expertise to define, develop and execute customised solutions across a broad range of applications. We provide investment product solutions to our institutional investor clients and provide asset and liability management solutions to the insurance and pension fund industries. For our corporate client franchise we offer bespoke structured and hybrid solutions, and offer the retail market a wide range of structured products that yield pre-defined returns linked to one or more underlying financial markets.