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Debt Primary Markets and Securitization

Financial solutions for all your capital needs With the implementation of Basel III, the ability of banks to provide balance sheet funding is being reduced and becoming more expensive. As a result, capital-light products in areas like debt capital markets and securitisation are becoming increasingly important. Infrastructure development and improvement projects are a priority across the continent. With infrastructure project finance transactions, after initial bridge financing or retained cash flow, long-term funding solutions need to be in place. Capital markets are expected to drive most of those projects, with debt capital market or securitisation funding generally best placed to serve this need. With an extensive presence in the East Africa region and experience in the sectors most relevant to its growth and development, Stanbic Bank provides versatile solutions to our clients. The debt primary markets team focuses on solutions across: Debt Capital Markets Through issuing bonds or derivatives, investments in the bond market tend to diversify risk and enhance fixed income returns. Debt markets provide more direct access to capital with better long-term efficiency.  Securitisation By converting liquid assets with fairly predictable cash flows into tradable securities, securitisation offers an attractive option for investors seeking diversification and securities with a high credit quality. For clients needing to optimise their funding and/or capital structures, it is an alternative source of finance at a lower rate than traditional term funding.


Our debt primary markets and securitisation services involve:

  • Structuring Advice
  • Financial Modelling
  • Transaction Execution
  • Liaise and negotiate with rating agencies
  • Legal Counsel
  • Deal with regulatory authorities 
  • Inform and attract the support of the broader investment community.
  • Specialist services: legal, credit and market knowledge


We are experienced in securitising most asset classes including:

  • Residential Mortgages
  • Credit Cards and consumer loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Construction Loans
  • Create channels for smaller asset packages
  • Future Flows 
  • Office Equipment
  • Export Receivables
  • Diversified Payment Rights