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Equity Capital Markets

Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming a significant growth region for global equity investors as opportunities in the region outperform traditional investment destinations. The shift aligns with the increasing size, liquidity and sophistication in many equity capital markets in Africa. We have unrivalled knowledge and expertise in leading equity transactions. We provide our institutional and consumer clients with comprehensive company and market research, equities trading, derivatives trading and asset management. We cover a wide range of assets, from major international names to domestic stocks, and are leaders in positioning them to a global investor base. With a leading platform to connect capital flows into, out of and across Africa wherever it is set, we are proud of our role as a conduit for African capital. Our success in sourcing, originating, structuring and executing deals across the region has supported significant growth in Standard Bank Group’s equity platform, counter to the trend for most other trading platforms.


Stanbic Bank’s Equity Capital Markets team is able to execute and provide advice on:

  • Equity
    Initial Public Offerings
    Share Placements
    Follow-on Offerings
    Block trades and share buybacks
    Rights Issues
  • Structured Equity
    Collared Loans
    Embedded-equity loans
    Forward purchases
  • Equity-Linked Securities
    Convertible bonds
    Exchangeable bonds
    Convertible preference shares
    Mandatory convertible and exchangeable bonds
  • Hybrids

Preference shares
Subordinated debt offerings