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Financial Institutions

Standard Bank’s specialist financial institutions team has in-depth knowledge of often challenging and complex financial and regulatory environments across Africa. We are a respected partner, providing robust and reliable services to financial institutions, across bank sector clients and non-bank financial institutions, with a focus on Africa. As a leading African bank, we have the experience and capability to support escalating trade and investment flows, and increasingly sophisticated financial needs of these clients and their stakeholders. Global bank Sector The goal of our global bank sector team is to become the preferred African partner for international banks, supporting cross-border and regional relationships between our clients. International banks recognise us as the preferred gateway bank into Africa, as we are able to replicate structures across the continent, manage risk and support the business needs of their clients’ African growth strategies. We offer all our clients the expertise and understanding of a local bank with international reach. Non-bank Financial Institutions Our non-bank financial institutions team supports regulated financial services entities in Africa such as asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds and stockbrokers. We work internationally where needed, for example in trading risk products such as corporate or government bonds. We help clients with pure money market investments with the flow of funds between them and their investments, and with cross-border flows. Our team can structure solutions to de-risk and hedge clients’ positions. As the leading custody provider on the continent, we offer global and regional custody solutions for client assets. A leader in Africa With deep experience in African markets, we understand financial systems at different levels of maturity and markets at different stages of development.


Our product specialists develop innovative and flexible solutions for clients, leveraging our full capabilities where needed.

Our solutions span across:

  • Investment Banking|
    Corporate finance and advisory services
    Structured and term financing solutions
  • Global Markets
    Money markets
    Foreign exchange
    Bond trading
    Commodity trading and hedging
    Interest rate trading and structuring
    Equities trading and structuring
    Credit trading and syndications
  • Transactional Products and Services
    Transactional banking
    Trade services
    Electronic banking solutions for cash, custody and foreign exchange
    Custodial and trustee services
    Securities lending
    Futures clearing