Public Sector

Sound financial management within the public sector has never been more relevant than it is today. The impact of new global themes and especially the technology revolution has not only impacted the private sector but public institutions as well creating a need to adjust to the new disruptive forces to better serve the masses. Critical for Public institutions today is the ability to generate the necessary resources, manage them adequately and allocate the same efficiently as per the short, medium and long term Government plans. At Stanbic Bank we understand the importance of providing financial solutions to help you meet the existing and emerging challenges which cut across strategic, technical, administrative, regulatory and constitutional obligations to the people of Uganda. We have a commitment embedded in our purpose to improve lives and fulfill aspirations of the people of Uganda and our line of thought to deliver this embraces a strong partnership with the Government of Uganda at the broader level and public sector organizations at the granular level. We go a long way in promoting more efficient governance through the integration of financial services and technology as well as supporting the Public Sector organizations in strengthening capacity of local communities and community based organizations. The breadth of our focus under the public sector captures the entire value chain of client relationships which includes Government (Ministries, authorities, agencies, parastatals, Local Governments…), Development Organizations (Embassies, High commissions, Donor agencies, Development partners…), and United Nations Agencies clients in and within Uganda. The structure of our businesses ensures that services reach the intended grass root beneficiary

Public Sector Agencies and Ministries

We have a long history in the sector supported by our origins in Uganda as a bank of the people. It was not until 2007 that the Government of Uganda floated its 10% shareholding to the public. We have however maintained the culture of supporting Government programs and our commitment is manifested in some of the landmark transactions executed across Uganda’s Public sector. The more recent transactions include the Ministry of Finance Planning & Economic Development Interest Rate Swap executed in 2016 as well as being appointed to provide Government of Uganda (GoU) with an e-cash payment platform.


With infrastructure development one of the fundamental areas of focus, GoU’s inclination to Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) has tremendously grown. PPPs will support Governments’ accessibility to quicker finance and its complementary medium to long term plans through product innovation.


Given an ever increasing mandate in a limited public resources environment, we see an ever increasing role to bridge the gap across the public sector value chain.

Development Organizations

Our value proposition is premised on the ability to adequately connect the Development Organization to the grass root beneficiary. We leverage our wide presence across the country, system capabilities, product solutions, Global Markets resources and people expertise to cultivate a strong partnership necessary to serve the people at the grass roots..  

United Nations Agencies

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN are unique in that they call for action by all countries, poor, rich and middle-income. Africa has a big role to play. And because Africa is our home, we see ourselves as a key stakeholder in supporting the achievement of the SDGs. Stanbic Bank Uganda currently supports United Nations Agencies’ clients in and within Uganda.


Our clients are central to everything we do and we pride in offering an integrated approach in developing tailor made solutions to suit our clients’ needs taking into account their daily cash management, international requirements, trade and supply chain solutions, electronic channels and clearing solutions.


Combining our specialist skills of corporate and investment banking with personal and business banking, we will bring together a UNIVERSAL offering to meet your needs. Our comprehensive suite of financing and advisory solutions includes:

  • Corporate finance advisory services
  • Syndicated lending, including local currency funding
  • Structured trade and asset finance
  • Bridge and vendor finance
  • Acquisition finance
  • Interest rate and foreign exchange hedging
  • Public bond and mezzanine finance
  • Private equity
  • Equity capital markets
  • Transactional services