Enterprise Online

Enterprise Online is a digital online solution that has been developed for Small and Medium Enterprises to enable them to conveniently manage their own business accounts. The payment platform enables business owners to bring the bank closer so that they can spend more time growing their businesses. “Move your business to the next level by managing your accounts at anytime from anywhere. By keeping a close eye 24/7 on your funds, you will always be aware of what's happening on your bank account”

What does it offer me?

You can perform a wide range of transactions such as:

- Payments of up to 2000 beneficiaries

- Pay all your employees/ suppliers in one go

- Make payments when it suits you – 24/7

   - Segregation of company duties

   - Multiple levels of approval for each payment

   - Ability to maintain account signing mandates through online authorisation


- Transfer money within and outside the bank

- View account balances and statements

- A tracking system with comprehensive audit trails