Our passion for Uganda

Transforming lives is part of our mission, with better schools, hospitals and roads that is exactly what we are doing. Stanbic plays a key role in supporting the Government’s national development agenda through:

The payments/collection of taxes

In 2017 alone Stanbic collected 3.5 trillion shillings in taxes across our extensive branch network and on our various platforms. This included money paid in by customers, corporation taxes, taxes paid by staff and excise duty collections on behalf of URA. This total represents almost 25% of the total URA collections.

The purchase of treasury bills and bonds

We are Government’s biggest commercial bank lender supporting funding of key Government projects.

Facilitating Financial inclusion

By maintaining Uganda’s largest network of branches and ATM’s serving 600,000 bank customers and thousands more users representing 20% of Uganda’s banked population. In addition through our partnerships with MNO’ we reach over 7.8 Mobile users and facilitate transactions worth over 50 billion monthly.


With almost 1,800 employees we are the second largest private sector employer in Uganda. This is in addition to the Tens of thousands more people indirectly employed within our banking family as suppliers, contractors and as our agents.

Participation on the Ugandan exchange

The Bank is listed on the Ugandan Stock Exchange with 22,720 shareholders and is the best capitalized of all financial institutions listed on the exchange. Over the last six years the bank has paid back an average of 47% of its profits in dividends providing an excellent return for its investors and bolstering the reputation of the USE as one of the most innovative and fastest growing in the region.

"In 2017 Stanbic collected 3.5 trillion shillings in taxes across our extensive branch network and online platforms."

[3.5 trillion shillings in taxes]

[25% of total URA collections]

[1,800 employees]

[22,720 shareholders]

[7.8 million Mobile users]

[50 billion monthly transactions]