This is the most convenient, secure, and affordable Mobile Money solution that enables individuals and businesses to receive, send, make payments and do so much more for less at the click of a finger.

An all-in-one digital solution  designed to meet your  lifestyle needs with or without a bank account.
It is  accessed through smartphone App and USSD for individuals. 

With this service, one can send and receive money, buy airtime/data, pay bills such as utilities, school fees, taxes, insurance, goods/services, and event tickets.

Some of the benefits include
No need for a bank account 
You only need a national ID and phone number to register
Free of charge to Deposit, Transfer and Receive money. Only pay mobile money charges when using mobile money.
Safe and Secure
Access to your accounts and transfers in a secure environment
Group of people
Free Bill Payments
Absolutely No charges on bill payments like electricity, water, tv subscription etc
Pay for goods and services

Pay merchants (Supermarkets, fuel, groceries, shopping etc)  free of charge at our various FlexiPay  touch points (USSD, App and agents)

Grow Value
Get paid as you spend. earn points as your transact or when you invite a friend to Flexipay
Register on USSD

  • Dial *291# to register with FlexiPay wallet.
  • Do you have a bank Account YES/NO?
  • Enter your details (surname, Given name, National ID number (NIN and card number), Date of Birth.
  • Read the terms and conditions
  • Receive the one- time pin
  • Select occupation
  • Select your gender
  • Capture email address
  • Invitation code (optional)
  •  Change PIN and confirm change
Register on App

  • Download the FlexiPay Wallet App from Google play or Apple Store
  • Open the App and click GET STARTED
  • Put in the phone number to register
  • Read and Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Input the Details Manually or Scan National ID then submit
  • Take or upload the picture of the National ID both Infront an behind
  • Put in NIN number and Card number from the National ID. 
  • Confirm verification code
  • Enter the one- time Pin, change pin (five digits) then renter the Pin to confirm
  • Answer (3) three Security Questions press submit
  • Login in your new Pin


What are you looking for?
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The most convenient and affordable means of sending, receiving, withdrawing, and making payments for goods and services for individual customers, accessed on smartphone App and USSD on cell phones.

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Flexipay Merchant

A convenient payments and collection service that allows your customers to pay for goods and services using mobile money. This allows for efficient and robust cashless transactions with real time reconciliation and easy tracking