Growing our people

Transforming lives through Corporate Social Responsibility (National Schools)

While achieving significant growth, Stanbic Bank continues to reaffirm its commitment to supporting and transforming the lives of people in our communities through our Corporate Social Investments (CSI) programmes. We focus on developing sustainable programmes that have a positive impact and enable the communities to benefit in the long term.


The key focus area for our Corporate Social Investments is Education. We believe that quality education is critical to achieving social and economic growth.


Stanbic Bank has been organizing the annual National Schools Championships (NSC) for the last 2 years. The bank identified and recognized the need to equip secondary school students with financial and entrepreneurial skills as a vital part of its Corporate Social Initiative (CSI).


NSC involves reaching out to students at a pivotal level of their education, before they join university, college and other tertiary institutions. The idea is to equip them with basic business/enterprise building skills as well as nurture a ‘can-do’ attitude while still young and preparing them mentally as self-starters.


Last year, over 3,000 students from 40 secondary schools across Uganda participated in various challenges with a finale that required creating a bank simulation project. The project’s aim was to inculcate a savings culture, the ability to understand how to make money, manage and spend it.


Mary Hill High School in Mbarara, who emerged winners in the Championships, pioneered the bank’s simulation project. The students-only venture comprised of 190 customers holding either a Current, Fixed, or Savings account.


"The National Schools Championships are skilling Uganda’s youth to become job creators and not job seekers."

Our biggest investment is our People

With almost 1,800 employees we are the second largest private sector employer in Uganda, 98% of whom are Ugandan. The size of our workforce is a clear sign of our commitment to providing employment opportunities to citizens, with the Bank directly employing over 1,800 employees directly as well as several others indirectly. This enables a key contribution to improve the standard of living of several citizens as well as contributing to the growth of a middle class within the country that is a key ingredient for sustainable economic growth.


We firmly believe in empowering the communities in which we serve. We are deeply rooted in our communities and our employee capability is built from the communities in which we operate.


Financial Intermediation for our employees is at the heart of empowering our communities, but most importantly the employees that bring a diverse range of capability to contribute in delivering the Bank.


The Bank has invested in technology to enable and simplify staff processes. Committed to developing employee capability in our ever-evolving environment, the Bank through learning and development interventions facilitated capability enhancement for 73% of the total number of the staff. The Bank is further strongly vested in employee wellness programmes as well as a robust performance and reward system.


The confidence in our ability to continue to deliver great results and drive Uganda’s growth stems from our great people and teams. This is premised in the Bank’s commitment to continue to provide an inclusive, engaging and enabling work environment where people can find opportunity, make a difference and grow their careers. The employee experience at work survey results showed an overall employee promoter score of 89%.


More specifically 90% of our staff would recommend Stanbic Bank Uganda as a great place to work and 95% are proud to be associated with Stanbic Bank Uganda. Additionally, 83% of our staff are energized to go the extra mile which is a big shift from 71% in 2014. This has been the result of the Banks investment in in its people which has translated into high performance.