Report fraud

Welcome to Stanbic Bank’s Security and Safety Centre. The safety and privacy of your personal information and banking details are very important to us. The more knowledge and protection you have, the safer your information and accounts will be. Let us help you stay informed and be aware of common fraudulent behaviours.

What we do for you

  • We keep you informed of any fraudulent trends by regularly updating our website.
  • You can read on our site about tips on how to protect yourself from scams
  • When using our internet, mobile portals or ATM banking, we provide automatic banking session timeouts just in case you forget to log out of your banking transactions.
  • We use withdrawal and electronic payment limits across your accounts to prevent fraudster from accessing large amounts of money should they manage to breach your account.
  • We provide you with free notifications of all transactions on your accounts so you can quickly identify unauthorized transactions.
  • You can download the Trusteer Rapport to protect your computer.


Be prepared, stay alert and have peace of mind when using our internet banking portal, mobile app or cellphone banking system and remember to always report any suspicious banking and transaction activities to Stanbic Bank immediately.