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Transforming lives for a better Uganda” Our strategy represents our commitment to Uganda and to the shared future that we intend to create for our clients, our people and all our stakeholders. To realise our vision, we aim to place our clients at the centre of everything we do.






To view and download the 2012 Annual Report, click on the links below:

For details of our performance for the year-ended 31 December 2012, please download the following documents:

For details of our performance for the half-year ended 30 June 2012, download the following documents:


For details of our performance for the year ended 31 December 2011, download the following documents:

For details of our performance for the half year ended 30 June 2010, please download the following documents:


Share Price

Key Trading Metrics

  - Ticket Code: SBU

  - ISIN: UG0000000386

  - Bloomberg: SBU UG

  - Reuters: SBU UG

  - Authorised Share capital: 58,188,669,700

  - Free Float: 20%

  - Click here for all the data regarding the movements of the Stanbic Share Price


Top 10 Shareholders


       Number of Shares

        % of Shareholding

Stanbic Africa Holding Limited



National Social Security Fund



Dual Africa Oppotunities Master Fund ICDuet Africa Oppotunities Master Fund



BBH-Genesis Emerging Markets oppotunities fund LTD S CP BBH-Genesis Emerging Markets oppotunities fund



SUDHR Ruparelia



Central Bank of Kenya Pension fund



Duet Gamla Liv Africa Oppotunities fund IC



Ibulaimu Kironde Kabanda



SCB Mauritius re Africa Oppotunities fund LP Mauritius re Africa Oppotunities fund



Pohjola Bank PLC Pohjola Bank PLC







  1. SBG securities ( [email protected])
  2. Crested Stocks and Securities ( [email protected])
  3. African Alliance ([email protected])
  4. Dyer and Blair ([email protected])
  5. UAP Financial Services ( [email protected] )
  6. Crane Financial Services ([email protected] )
  7. Equity Brokers ([email protected] )
  8. Baroda Capital Markets ([email protected] )

By visiting the Uganda Securities Exchange/ broker’s website or looking at the business section on the local newspapers or directly calling your broker.

Stanbic publishes its results twice a year. Half year ending 30th June and Full year ending 31st December .

KPMG. This is on a rotation basis with a tenor of 4 years. This is a mandate by the Bank of Uganda to which Stanbic adheres to.

SBU financials are prepared based on International financial reporting standards (IFRS) and Local regulatory rules guided by the Central Bank.

Any query relating to dividend, please contact our Registrars and investor relations through the address given on the contacts page and for shares, please contact your broker.

You can get you share certificate from your stock Broker or Registrar.
The Uganda stock exchange is in the process of automating this process (dematerialization) hence in the near future one will not require a hard copy certificate; all details will be available electronically. For further information on dematerialization please see “Events and News “section under investor relations.

Events and News

Upcoming events

  - Annual results announcement - April 2017

  - Annual General meeting – May 2017

  - Half Year results – August 2017


Dematerilisation of securities (June 2016)

In an effort to automate trading of securities on the stock exchange by the Uganda Securities Exchange, physical certificates will cease to be prima facie evidence of ownership of securities i.e. they will be dematerialized.
Dematerialization is the process of converting the physical certificate to an electronic form of ownership or where ownership of the security only exists as an accounting record. Attached is a document written by the U.S.E., giving more details on how the process works and what is required of every shareholder.

Chief Finance Officer
Samuel Fredrick Mwogeza
Tel: +256 41 7 154 396

Company Secretary 
Candy Okoboi
Tel: +256 41 7 154 606

Investor Relations 
Sophie Achak 
Tel:+256 41 7 154 310
Email: [email protected]

Share registrars
Deloitte (Uganda) Ltd.
3rd Floor, Rwenzori House
1 Lumumba Avenue, Kampala
P.O.Box 10314
Kampala, Uganda 
Tel: +256 414 343850
Fax: +256 414 343887

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