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Call Account

A special account where funds are invested for an indefinite period of time at a fluctuating interest rate. You can withdraw the funds whenever you want with no period of notice required.

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ContractSave Account

Here is an investment account that helps you save for towards a specific goal. You can save for the children’s school fees, for a wedding or kwanjula,a car or vacation. Better still, transfer these savings and re-invest into a Fixed Deposit, buy shares, treasury bills or bonds. Your investment goals can be realised.

Hatua Account
Educare Savings Account

Save towards a target amount for your children’s education or for a specific need and receive a high interest on your savings from the bank. You automatically receive life insurance to cover your target savings amount in case of death or permanent disability.

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Fixed Deposit Account

Invest your money for a fixed period of time and earn a guaranteed specified interest . You can neither withdraw nor deposit on that account until the time period elapses.

Pure Save
PureSave Account

Build your savings culture so that you are able to invest in your dreams. You can have more than one pure save account, available in multiple currencies with competitive interest rates.

We also offer
Online Banking
Online Banking

Get your real-time balances and statements, make payments, transfers, pay taxes, utility bills like Umeme, buy airtime, open another account and manage your money without going into a branch. You can now manage all your personal bank accounts and beneficiaries from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Gold current account
Gold current Account

Enjoy convenient and hassle-free banking with exclusive benefits tailored to suite your executive lifestyle and family needs with dedicated relationship managers to help you with your banking needs.