Account opening

Welcome to convenience with Online Account Opening! Say goodbye to spending hours in the banking hall just to open an account because now, you can open a personal account from anywhere at any time with 4 simple steps that take a few minutes.

What does it offer me?

  1. No paperwork
  2. Fewer requirements
  3. Saves time
  4. Automatic registration for online banking, mobile banking, App, SMS alerts and Visa card
  5. Ability to deposit any amount onto your account remotely using Mobile money, Agent banking, or the Cash Deposit ATMs


What do I need to do?

  1. Please choose a suitable account for your needs. Read more here for current accounts and here for savings and investment accounts
  2. Click on the Key Facts Document to understand the charges
  3. Read and the Terms and Conditions
  4. Then proceed to click on ‘Open Account’. Proceed to complete the form account opening form and then attach required documents


What do I need to apply?

  1. A passport photo
    1. If you don’t have one, you can take one and upload using the feature on the form off your phone or tablet
  2. A national ID for Ugandan nationals 


  1. a valid passport for Non Ugandans and a work permit
  2. If employed, a letter of employment or payslips
  3. Signature – you can sign on a paper, take a photo of your signature and upload as attachment
  4. If a student, upload your student ID in addition to the National Identity card


How to verify your account?

  1. Once you submit your application, you shall receive a unique ID number, please save this number securely
  2. Your account will be verified and if successful, a message will be received with your account number.
  3. You may then send money to your account in the following ways;
    1. From Mobile money to your account
    2. Agent banking to account
    3. Cash deposit machines and ATMs.
  4. Please visit your nearest branch to collect your visa card and to enable cash withdrawals.


Your account will only be fully operational for withdrawals after a 1 time branch visit. Please visit your nearest branch within 90 days.

On your visit, please carry your original ID (uploaded) and reference number.

Ready to start? Let's find the right account to suit your needs

Types of accounts:

Every day Account

Ez Dimes Account

Pure save Account

Do you transact few times in a month?
Does your income come in at different times?
Do you want to save more than to transact?
Then this is the account for you.

This account is designed for irregular income earners who would like to operate their day to day transactional and saving needs on the same account.

What does it offer me?

  • Only pay as you transact.
  • No monthly management fees.
  • No annual visa fees
  • A Visa Debit card for shopping (online and anywhere with a Visa sign)
  • UGX 20,000 to open account
  • Read more on rates and fees here


Click on the Key Facts Document to get a full view of the rates and charges for this account

Read the Terms and Conditions


Are you a student and are ready to start your journey to financial freedom?

Ez Dimes is here for 18- 25 years old students at university, college, tertiary or any other institutions of higher learning specifically for saving purposes.  This account can be in Uganda Shillings, Kenya Shillings or US Dollars.

  • Free Stanbic to Stanbic transfers.
  • Free visa card which you can use at any Visa point in the world.
  • Free Internet Banking and mobile banking.
  • Free SMS Alerts
  • Free cheque book (first  cheque book)
  • Competitive interest on deposits
  • Access to bi- annual career guidance and financial literacy seminar.

What do I need to Apply?

  1. Copy of Valid student ID
  2. Passport photo
  3. Valid National ID for Ugandan nationals
  4. School admission letter
  5. Minimum deposit amount of UGX 5,000/=


Click on the Key Facts Document to get a full view of the rates and charges for this account


Read the Terms and Conditions


A Pure Save account is an excellent way to help you save toward a goal; plus, your savings are available when required or on demand.

Why it works?

  • Attractive interest rates
  • Instant access to funds via the ATM
  • Pure save account is available in all major currencies.


Click on the Key Facts Document to get a full view of the rates and charges for this account


Read the Terms and Conditions